Parenting Books Don’t Always Help Solve LD Problems

Years ago, I saw a special deal. You signed up, and you got summaries of all of the top business books of the year. SHORT summaries. The theory was that every business book only has about 10% that’s really valuable, and the rest is filler.

Sound familiar?

We love parenting books, and we will refer you to many of them on this site.

But if your child learns differently, chances are that a lot of that advice doesn’t help you at all. As a matter of fact, this is what we know:

Books aren’t the only answer.With all other parts of parenting, you can simply ask a friend (or a parent.)  That’s hard to do when you have a unique child.  

So what do LD parents need help with?  

1. Your child is experiencing pain, failing, and is getting feedback about being a failure.  

2. You need to start actively negotiating with and sometimes disagreeing with a teacher or a school.

3. You just want to know what you should be doing right now, to help your child.

And in addition to those three things, every parent of an LD child finds themselves, every single night, facing a child who cannot do their homework.

In the middle of working on two followup books to my Parent’s First Guide to Learning Differences, I decided to try something different. This website. Let’s see if this can help as much as a parenting book!

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