Hello Parent! Welcome to the Help My Child Learn Website!

Hello there, fellow parent.  This website is dedicated to someone who’s doing an amazing job, every single day.  You.

We’re here to talk about something that doesn’t get enough attention, even in the crowded online world of LD information. At the end of the day your child’s learning issues live at your house.

Homework?     Your pain.

Missing skills?     Your responsibility.

Self esteem and LD-associated stress?     Your worry.

Finding a pathway and support?     Yup. That’s your job too.

So here’s my question: How much support do you get with all of that?

My name is Catherine, and my book, Fine Until Kindergarten: A Parent’s First Guide to Learning Differences, is written for parents just starting out in the LD world.  It gives a great overview of how things work, how to claim support for learning disabilities in the schools, how to work with teachers, and how to be effective in supporting your child .  It was designed to be the first book in a series. But when I started writing additional books, it hit me: Everybody has a different doorway.  Our children are different, and they’re all at different stages. What’s the best way to help all different parents?

The internet offers about four billion pieces of information, but it takes work to Google™ your way through learning disability parenting.  And disconnected tips can be confusing. However, nothing is quite as valuable as information given by people with knowledge, who can also give you a sense of why you’re doing something, and a clear understanding of what the goals are.

So we’re trying something new. Parents, this website is for you. We’re going to work hard to give you immediately-usable information that you can use. With a little extra.

We think it’s important to understand the process for helping your child.   What should you do first?  What’s the best route to get from A to B? Why is some of this stuff important? We want you equipped, and we want you effective. We want to give you context and understanding, so that you have a place to hang all of your ideas and tips.

So here’s our commitment.

We’re going to outline what we call the Pathway to Success. Some of the pieces (like getting an IEP) seem complex, but we’ll explain how they work, simply.  We promise to not get you bogged down with too much detail.  Let’s simplify the “how do you get this done” so that you can focus your energies on your child’s unique needs and school situation.

Of course we’ll discuss the different ways to help your child learn and succeed.  Parenting techniques, exercises, from sensory toys to how to find learning disability specialists and how to do therapies at home: we’ll point you to all sorts of resources and tell you why you might like them.

But more than that, we’re going to help you be more effective.  More effective in supporting your child’s path through school. More effective in  pushing back with schools, so your child spends time learning, instead of trying to do busy work that doesn’t help.  And more effective with homework.

Quick summary:

• Immediate hope, ideas, solutions

• Context, so you & your child’s teachers understand the bigger picture behind the “right now”

• A pathway that helps you be more effective helping your child learn.

We’re experienced, and we’ve been walking this pathway for years.  We learned the hard way what NOT to spend our time on, and we can give you pointers to great tips, resources, and tools.

Just to be clear:  We’re writing this website right now.  So if you sign up, you’ll learn as we create it.

Now you have company.  Tell us what you need, and don’t forget to enjoy the view.  You have a great kid.  Let’s help them learn and thrive.

Please sign up for our email list and join our Facebook group.  We want to hear what is bothering you right now, and what’s helped you the most.  Let’s get tips, targeted resources, and help into your hands!

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