What is the Pathway to LD Success?

We wrote this website to help you find a pathway to LD success. Many people have followed their pathway, and many people have helped their LD children find learning success.  You can too.

It can be confusing and intimidating to discover that your child has learning disabilities.  With that discovery often comes a big flush of energy, and a “how can I fix this?” approach.  If your child has a different brain, it’s not something to fix, as we explain here.  Different brains often have good success, but almost always never when they are young.  That’s because the educational system is a one-size-fits-all system that focuses on teaching skills to young children. And it’s easier for LD brains to deal with ideas than with skills, especially while young.

So how can you help your child succeed in the educational system?

There are Many Worlds in the Educational System

As we mention in this post, the minute that your discover that your child has trouble learning, you’re surrounded by a whole bunch of what we call “worlds.”  In other words: there is no “simple” when you’re dealing with learning differences and learning disabilities.

  • Children are complex.
  • The inner workings of schools are complex.
  • Getting things done, including getting testing and getting learning support is complex.
  • Tactfully and positively getting a busy teacher to support your child’s learning disabilities can be … complex.
  • Understanding your child’s diagnosis, and then figuring out how to support their learning is certainly complex.
  • And of course, getting legal support that is promised to LD children can also be complex.

That’s a lot of complexities. We talk more about them in the World of LD Parenting.

But we have a solution.

We’ve identified six journeys to success.  Every parent needs to follow these journeys, regardless of their child’s diagnosis. In this website, we’ll be defining each journey, giving you tools to accomplish tasks along the way, and giving you advice and help.

Journey 1: Identify Your Child’s Learning Disability Challenges

Journey 2: Understand Your Child’s Diagnosis

Journey 3: Learn How to Support Learning and Skill Development

Journey 4: Get Testing & Claim Legal Support for LD

Journey 5: Work Closely with Teacher: Investigate, Educate, Negotiate

Journey 6: Monitor & Support Your Child’s Mental Health and Growth



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