Where Can I Buy the Best LD Things? Why a Shopping Section?

I don’t know about you, but one of my questions has always been: Where can I buy the best LD things?  We have yet to find a website that tells us everything we’re looking for, so we decided to just fold in items as we think of them.

As parents of LD children, we’ve bought a lot of LD-specific things through the years.

Every child likes a new toy, and sometimes a new item is just the thing to capture attention and effort from your learner.  Or to reward extra effort. Or calm down an anxious child.

And we also put in a shopping section because we can remember when buying something gave us hope, and a little fun.

As LD parents, our world is populated with specialists.  Specialists can be expensive, and your child might need help in a lot of different directions.  So perhaps you select one specialist, and you use our resources to buy your own makeshift tools to exercise other areas.

That works.

Educational and therapeutic devices can be expensive, and we’re happy to see that you can sometimes buy devices that are pretty similar for a lot less money.  Plus, we’ve found a lot of great items through the years. It’s a funny sentence, but “Where can I buy the best LD things?” is a valid question in our book. Hope you like our answers!

In our posts, we include some affiliate links.  That means that if you buy from us on Amazon, for example, we get a small piece of referral money.  HOWEVER, many of our favorite products are from smaller providers who don’t have an affiliate program.  We include them simply because they’re the best products around!

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